This document covers information about tokenization of sensitive data within the wunderbon network




We would like to give you a short overview to tokenization and where you will have touchpoints with tokenized representations of values within the wunderbon network.

For a more general explanation of tokenization, you should have a look at the following article, "Tokenization VS. Encryption".

Tokenization brings security without losing the flexibility of identifying users securely without the requirement of storing sensitive data.





The implementation is currently only available to registered partners. If you are a registered partner and would like to submit receipts using Provider Id 2 contact us at [email protected] for more details.

Registered users can make use of the /tokens/identifiers endpoint of the API to tokenize an Identifier. We recommend this endpoint for testing purposes only! We recommend implementing the whole tokenization on client side. Furthermore, we do not want any payment data on our platform, neither in the database nor in log files or similar. So the endpoint does not log any data.

Whatโ€™s Next

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