This document covers information about Privacy at wunderbon



wunderbon not only respects the privacy of users, but also uses the most modern methods to protect it. wunderbon spares neither costs nor efforts and this applies to all users equally, from Consumers over Merchants to Suppliers.

wunderbon of course complies with the following standards and or legal regulatories:

  • BDSG (Bundesdatenschutzgesetz)

wunderbon will always protect and respect every users privacy! wunderbon do its best to provide highest privacy standards enabling Consumers worldwide to adjust the level of privacy individually on a per Merchant or Supplier basis. Users will always be informed about how wunderbon handles data, what "your data" in this context is and how wunderbon use data to enable their business.

In contrast to other projects, where the user never really has insight into the processing and/or transfer of his data to second or third parties, wunderbon always offer transparency and proactive information about almost everything but most important about the data stream in and out.

Thus, every wunderbon user is fairly and comprehensively informed at all times. At the same time, all affiliated Merchants and Suppliers are thus able to communicate with their customers in compliance with GDPR (DSGVO) and to submit interesting offers to them.


High Data Privacy Standards

wunderbon never stores personalized profiles! All data is stored pseudonymously. So instead of having a real person as reference (e.g. John Doe) wunderbon stores all information referencing to an random given Id like 44675886-3ed4-4ece-8ee5-747b11fecd7c.



Effective as of May 25, 2018, the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) defines pseudonymization for the very first time at the EU level in Article 4(5). Under Article 4(5) definitional requirements, data is pseudonymized if it cannot be attributed to a specific data subject without the use of separately kept "additional information.”

Of course wunderbon knows that Id 44675886-3ed4-4ece-8ee5-747b11fecd7c was shopping at Store XYZ at 2020-05-23T23:05:18+01:00 but wunderbon NEVER knows that the person behind the Id is John Doe. wunderbon does not know John Doe and there is no reason to change this. So the users privacy is kept due to the fact that there is absolutely no relation between a real person and a wunderbon user account. You worry about the payment information added as Identifier? The payment information is pseudonymized as well.

The user himself is the only one who can make this assignment. Neither a Merchant nor a Supplier is able to access a user's personal data without individual consent of the user, neither wunderbon is.

Data Flow

All data processing takes place within the EU and almost exclusively through wunderbon or well selected contractual partners. All partners either working according to the same security and data protection criteria and/or have contractually committed themselves to us.

wunderbon does not share data with third parties. Consumer data will not be shared with companies outside our partner network. The available data is only used by computer algorithms for fully automated control of advertising campaigns.

wunderbon does not manually edit or screen the data generated in the flow between a Merchant a Consumer and a Supplier.


The wunderbon team firmly believes in the positive effect of correctly placed advertisements. Be it the right placement because of a really good 'discount', simply the 'best offer' overall or be it the delicious 'BBQ fish, vegetables and steak real time advertising' directly after the purchase of a new grill. wunderbon adds value to a Consumers shopping experience that just feels real!



According to Article 4 EU GDPR "Definitions" wunderbon uses pseudonymous profiling in order to display relevant content to users. wunderbon explicitly do not make any automated decisions (automated decision making) that have a legal effect.

The team of wunderbon strong believe in the right time and the right place for the right product. wunderbon targets exactly those variables and delivers high quality advertisements at the right time to the right audience.

The good news - if you are interested in answers to questions like "Who selects the ads?" or "Who is the one knowing the user that good?" - it is just an algortihm. There is no human contact with a users personal data for showing relevant ads. Everything is done by a computer and beside the development of the algorithm no human is involved.

As a Consumer you will never say something like "Oh, what an annoying ad!". If you do so; or if you just do not like ads in your wunderbon App you can always upgrade to a Premium Plan and disable the ads. As a Merchant or a Supplier you will never have your products perfectly placed without wunderbon; but there is a catch - wunderbon takes care of high quality and real value for Consumers!

wunderbon is completely free to every Consumer and it always will. But wunderbon cannot provide those service without earning money. Showing relevant ads helps us providing our service worldwide for free. No matter if you are a Consumera Merchant or a Supplier you never need to worry about your privacy.

Personal Data

If a user is required to enter personal data like his first- and surname, his birthday or address (e.g. for tax export, loyalty or cashback campaigns) then this data will not be added to his profile at any time in any kind. The record is stored seperately and only used in this single case. wunderbon does never de-pseudonymize profiles.


User Data Always Kept Secure

wunderbon takes care of users data and that it is stored securely! wunderbon takes care of storing personal data seperately from pseudonymized profile and for us is every recordset less a recordset less wunderbon needs to protect. wunderbon does not collect massive amounts of data which is not really required for operating the network and platform.


What better proof can there be than indipendent certifications. wunderbon would like to give you the possibility to proof our statements. wunderbon is currently preparing for application.


Not Yet Certified

Due to transparency reasons wunderbon would like to let you know that wunderbon is currently not yet official certified. wunderbon has started the certification process to receive the recommended certificates. You will get an update as soon the certification is completed.

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