This document covers information about Transparency at wunderbon



Transparency regarding all operations is part of our DNA. wunderbon does always provide detailed insights into how wunderbon handles users data. wunderbon makes the data flow transparent and explains always which data is assigned to the user profile. wunderbon users can actively decide with whom they share their data. Sometimes partners offering cashback campaigns or loyalty programs where users can participate and earn some extra money for that. wunderbon is currently preparing for certification of the transparency guidelines explained here.

Transparency affects all areas of wunderbon like security do. wunderbon takes care of providing all relevant information for a deeper understanding of our business behind the transactions on the wunderbon platform. In result, transparency covers almost any of our business areas.


General Aspects

The most important component of our corporate DNA is transparency. This should show how important this promise is to us. wunderbon keeps this promise internally and externally and take it into account in all business operations.

Climate Action

One of our sustainability promises is the donation for climate action. wunderbon will donate a part of the profits in such programs and campaigns. As part of the transparency offensive, wunderbon will publish all relevant documents and evidence. Currently wunderbon just started.


We Need Your Help!

Do you know a good project we should donate to? Write us an email here.


wunderbon publishes an annual transparency report. Our transparency report provides data that provides information on how policies and measures of authorities and companies affect data protection, security and access to information.


Transparency Report

wunderbon will publish the first report around 04/2022 under Stay tuned.


What better proof can there be than indipendent certifications. We would like give you the possibility to proof our statements. wunderbon is currently preparing for application.


Not Yet Certified

Due to transparency reasons wunderbon would like to let you know that wunderbon is currently not yet official certified. wunderbon has started the certification process to receive the recommended certificates. You will get an update as soon the certification is completed.

What’s Next

Continue with our guided tour. Now we would like to tell some more about how we handle Security at wunderbon ...