Privacy Relay

This document covers information about the wunderbon POS privacy relay




Security With Open Standards - We protect the privacy of our users by tokenizing the real Id of a wunderbon user. Every POS touchpoint is a new one; also from Merchants perspective. This is achieved by using open standards for encryption and following the security guidelines from here.

wunderbon protects all parties of its network by individual protection layers. The identity and the data related to it when shopping is protected by our Privacy Relay called feature, which we will explain now.


Privacy Relay

While other systems (Loyalty Providers, ...) rely on a static Identifier, we do not. A static Identifier is vulnerable to attacks, even outside the actual network. We protect the Consumer (user) while using wunderbon at the POS. So for each POS contact, a temporary and strong secured Identifier is generated and used.

No Sensitive Data

Through the unique signature token, we guarantee that the transaction is unique and that no other user is able to use the same account at the same time (e.g. on another device). This ensures the network trust and stability. We do also prevent the double spending problem by using the time limited signature token.

User Controlled

Protecting the transaction is protection for the authenticity of the transaction and the goods exchanged. Our network is able to process cashback campaigns with guarantee. The Privacy Relay technology is used to prevent misuse and fraud for all parties within the network by using strong state-of-the-art encryption and a time limited token exchange schema.

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