This document covers information about 3rd party networks connected with wunderbon

The wunderbon network is expanded by external networks (sometime maybe referred to as providers). So in addition to the native wunderbon network (using the wunderbon account number with address 0x01) it is also possible being part of wunderbon using an identifier of another network. The list of supported providers is curated, and only certified partners are connected.


Certified Networks Only

wunderbon is capable of supporting almost any identifier! While this makes us happy to announce, we want to ensure the highest quality and best experience for our customers!

So we only manually add new networks. We do this curated and continuously. If you are a network provider and want your identifier being supported and advertised here, let us know.

Connected Networks

The following networks are currently connected (supported). Please note that the state of this list is not bound to a specific API version. So check this list from time to time to stay updated.

The Identifiers of the listed Providers may vary, and so the tokenization may will too. To prevent collisions we do apply strict rules while using as much data as required but less than possible for security reasons.



0x000001WANwunderbon Account Number

wunderbon primarily provides a native wunderbon Account Number (WAN) for every registered user. The WAN is the first class citizen within the wunderbon network. It is also used as fallback when no other Identifier is available (e.g. cash payment could be a case where no other Identifier is available). This makes it easy to issue digital receipts for cash payments, too, while applying the same high standards on security and privacy.


Credit- & Debit-Network

0x000002PANPrimary Account Number

This network may also be know as PAN, Maestro® or Mastercard®. This provider just requires ISO/IEC 7812 compatibility. You can use the Primary Account Number as identifier for resolving users wunderbon network address.

What’s Next

Continue with our guided tour. Now we would like to tell some more about how we treat Identifiers in our wunderbon network and how we ensure that no sensitive data is required to operate ...