This document covers information about Security at wunderbon



Secure handling of data is part of the wunderbon DNA. wunderbon protects user data with the same high security standards like the Payment Card Industry does.

wunderbon tries to comply with the following standards and or legal regulatories:

Security affects the whole wunderbon company. Security involves the handling of any data, regardless of whether a user is a Consumer, Merchant or Supplier.



wunderbon is the neutral instance between a Merchant and its Customer. wunderbon ensures the authenticity of the exchanged data at any time and guarantee secure and traceable digital receipts.

wunderbon achieves this by using blockchain technology. Each created, withdrawn or forwarded receipt has a unique ID. The authenticity can thus be securely checked and the path of a digital receipt can be traced.


Blockchain Technology

wunderbon makes use of blockchain technology to secure receipts. Every single transaction is transparent and immuatable persistet in a public blockchain and so the authenticity of a receipt can be validated at any time by either the sender (Merchant) or the recipient (Consumer).

This makes it possible to provide trust and guarantee authenticity. No one is capable of changing the persisted receipt after submission, including us.

wunderbon guarantees that user data is always protected. Users can take control over who has access to it. wunderbon protects the receipt data of Merchants and guarantees the authenticity of every single digital receipt issued.

wunderbon can secure digital receipts, loyalty programs (couponing) as well as cashback campaigns but also the process of exchanging goods. wunderbon prevents companies from fraud and protect their channels with our secure multi identifier capable network.


wunderbon takes the role of an intermediary whenever two or more parties are involved in a transaction of any kind within the wunderbon platform (issue receipts, exchange good, ...). Whenever a transaction involves more than one party wunderbon will invoke all related parties and get the approval of every single one.


wunderbon as Intermediary Customer Data Platform

As an intermediary (ICDP), wunderbon ensures equality at all times regarding all possible business transactions involving our digital receipts. wunderbon guarantees customers a verifiable and therefore resilient document at all times. For Merchants wunderbon guarantees reliable and clear buyer data for cashback or loyalty program rewards.

Let us take a closer look at the process of exchanging goods. This requires not just the goods to be exchanged but also the proper invalidation of the already issued receipt and the confirmation on this from both parties.

wunderbon calls this a two sided exchange mechanism. The Customer provides the exchange token (unique per receipt) at the POS or a service counter and the cashier scans this token. This triggers the revoke process, which can only be triggered by a Merchant and only with the token of the customer. After confirmation the receipt is invalidated and marked as invalid. Simple and fair!


Equality is just one fundamental part of our secure multi identifier capable network. Stability is the other one - so while giving all parties equal rights wunderbon protects them from fraud too. Like any other service this one is valid for all parties (Consumers, Merchants. Suppliers).


Goodbye Cashback Fraud

With our secure multi identifier capable network Merchants can prevent cashback fraud. It's so easy by just using our smart receipt solution.

No matter if the parties are involved in a loyalty program or a cashback campaign or if it is just a regular shop process. Whenever a decision is required wunderbon provides the latest realtime data for e.g. cashback status or loyalty points to protect from possible fraud.


What better proof can there be than indipendent certifications. wunderbon would like give you the possibility to proof our statements. wunderbon is currently preparing for application.


Not Yet Certified

Due to transparency reasons wunderbon would like to let you know that wunderbon is currently not yet official certified. wunderbon has started the certification process to receive the recommended certificates. You will get an update as soon the certification is completed.

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