More information about Routes and Endpoints and how to dig into the wunderbon API


Feel invited to play around with our playground API

If you just want to evaluate how the API could be connected to your POS or with your POS software, then you can make use of our playground API environment. In this environment, everything is successful, and no API token is required to get started. You will find the API browser and everything else you need to get started here.

Our network is secure, open and driven by the heads of the developers - from developers for developers. Time to dig into details like "What is the difference between Routes and Endpoints?" and others.

Routes vs Endpoints

Do you know the difference between a Route and an Endpoint? In this short intro, we will cover some aspects on how to read the wunderbon API documentation and how we provide access to the resources and entities of the wunderbon network.

Endpoints are functions available through the wunderbon API. This can be things like retrieving the API index, fetching a collection, updating a profile, or deleting a receipt. Endpoints perform a specific function, taking some number of parameters and return the result (sometimes including data) to the client.

A route is the name you use to access endpoints, used in the URL. A route can have multiple endpoints associated with it, and which is used depends on the HTTP Verb.

So the route /receipts provides two endpoints. The first one is provided via a GET request and provides access to the collection of Receipts (including some filters and control options). The second endpoint is provided via POST and takes some parameters to persist a new Receipt entity.

Start exploring the future of the POS

So with all the information in mind you should be prepared for start exploring the wunderbon API endpoints and some of the recipes which will help you with onboarding. Enjoy developing with wunderbon!

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