Integrate with wunderbon. Grow your business.

Connect your POS system with thousands of users from all over the world.
Start right now with a live API specification, a playground, comprehensive guides, code examples, open-source libraries and a complete documentation of course. Become part to grow the biggest stationary retail network, serving recommendations, reviews, navigation, independent payments and so much more.

wunderbon is build from ground up from developers for developers. Be Smart and become part of the world's first class Intermediary Customer Data Platform

One API to connect you all.

wunderbon provides a high scalable and secure network infrastructure to publish and deliver digital receipts.

With our simple and high security REST API you will be able to integrate your POS-System within no matter of time.

Strongest encryption.

We make use of state-of-the-art encryption to protect users and their data. We make use of additional security measures to comply with PCI-DSS and recommendations of the BSI.

Privacy made in Germany.

Our data protection concept and privacy protection shield for consumers are developed in Germany under strong guidance and operated in the EU.

Data Models for everyone.

It has never been more comfortable. We provide you always with the latest libraries, examples and snippets. We provide you with a single point of truth (SPOT) - the open-source project JSON-Schemas.

We provide you also with up to date data models for TypeScript and JavaScript. Models for other programming languages will follow soon.

Smart Receipts Unleashed.

By the principle of "Give what you can give" we do provide you with a free plan.

Don't hesitate and start delivering digital receipts for a greener and more sustainable future! You will be able to apply very soon.

GDPR and BDSG compliant.

Merchants building their digital receipt and value added infrastructure based on wunderbon will never worry about GDPR and BDSG regarding issues when communicating with their customers. We call this the zero risk GDPR compliance.